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Check your health risk with ABSI

From "A New Body Shape Index Predicts Mortality Hazard Independently of Body Mass Index" by Nir Y. Krakauer and Jesse C. Krakauer:

"Body shape, as measured by ABSI, appears to be a substantial risk factor for premature mortality in the general population derivable from basic clinical measurements. ABSI expresses the excess risk from high WC (waist circumference) in a convenient form that is complementary to BMI and to other known risk factors."

Now also 'New BMI' calculation

We also include the calculation of the New BMI proposed by Professor L N Trefethen FRS. According to Prof. Trefethen, "perhaps this revised formula might reflect better than the standard one how the weights of healthy adults really depend on their heights." But he also states: "The new formulas proposed above are not based on epidemiological studies and they may not be a improvement, for all kinds of reasons.".

The "healthy range" of the new BMI is the same as for the traditional BMI: 18,5 to 25.

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Waist circumference (how to measure)



Your index value info The calculated index based on the input you have given. A lower value is better, but the value itself does not say much about the risk. -
Relative risk info The health risk for a given ABSI or BMI index, age and sex. A lower value means a lower risk. The calculated risk is relative to the average risk of the USA population sample on which the research was based. A risk factor of 1 means an average risk, while a risk factor of 2 means that a person has twice as much chance of dying of the results of overweight and obesity as the average American of the age and sex you entered.
Risk interval info The interval in which the health risk for the calculated ABSI or BMI index falls with a 95% certainty. The relative risk listed above is the center value of this interval.
The average ABSI value for the entered age and sex of the USA population sample on which the research was based.

Predict your child's height!

If you want a simple and convenient way to check your child's growth against the WHO Child Growth Standards, just go to growthcharts.org. The standards were developed using data collected in the WHO Multicentre Growth Reference Study. The site calculates and draws the physical growth curves for the specific age and dimensions of your child.

It only gives a very global indication of the dimensions that your child might reach later in life. The actual future height of your child can still be influenced by factors like your child's health, eating patterns, etc.

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